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We Are Back!

Following the new government guidance, we will be opening again on August 12th. So grab your putters, put on some silly trousers, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Under 18s will be welcome from 11am to 7pm and must be accompanied by an adult (21+).

Evening closing times (Over 18s only)
Monday to Thursday: 3pm - 11pm (last tee @ 10pm)
Friday: 3pm - 12am (last tee @ 10.30pm)
Saturday: 11am - 12am (last tee @ 10.30pm)
Sunday: 11am - 6pm (last tee @ 5pm)


During school holidays, Caddyshackers will open from 11am and welcome families with children.
Prior to all Bank Holiday Mondays, Caddyshackers will open on Sundays until 10pm (final tee @ 9pm)


As a thank you to all of our wonderful NHS and emergency services staff, join us Sunday - Thursday and get 50% off golf. That’s just £6 each! To take advantage of this offer, just walk in and present your ID and we will get you onto the course ASAP


This crazy golf looks a bit of alright, doesn’t it? It’s booking time!

Use this handy little form to tell us how many people are in your gang, posse or cult and the date and time you’ll be paying us a visit

Go on, you know you want to



From Sunday morning until Thursday night we offer 50% golf discount if you show us valid student ID. That’s just £6 per person!

That’s not all. We know you students aren’t millionaires just yet so we’ve made our own concoction of drink offers to help you save those pennies:

  • Two cocktails for £8 (select cocktails only)
  • 2 Cans of Red Stripe for £7
  • 2 Cans of Somersby Cider for £7
  • 2 VKs for £5

There’s never been a better excuse to postpone that essay

Please note that the student offer cannot be pre-booked online and is only available for walk-ins on the day

View our Terms and Conditions


At peak times we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booked tee off time in order to allow you time to complete track and trace details, read the house rules, use the cloakroom/loo, grab a drink, collect your putters, etc. before beginning your crazy golf experience

Peak hours are from 5.30pm Monday to Saturday

Final tee times are 5.15 pm on Sunday, 9pm Monday to Thursday and 10.30pm on Friday and Saturday

If our family packages don’t suit your group size (if a different adult to child ratio is required), please email your details with the date and time requested to and we will make the reservation for you

Family packages are for 5 – 17 year olds. Under 5s will not be able to play golf due to the nature of the course. Any person under 18 must leave the premises by 7pm

All in the Family

Under 18s Welcome

We've talked to the grown ups and they have agreed to share with the smaller putters. Kids get the day time, they get the night time. It is the only fair way (see what we did there?)

So grab your putter and prove to dad that actually YOU are the best golfer in the house.

Big kids arrive at 7pm so anybody under 18 must leave the premises by that time

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First Dates

First Dates at Caddyshackers

Your phone buzzes. It’s a Tinder match. You lucky so-and-so. This is a good one. You hit it off. You chat for a few days before you make the first move - fancy a drink? They accept. Boomtown. You’re in.

You think long and hard about where to take them. Restaurants are boring. You can’t chat at the cinema. You decide on something different. You decide on Caddyshackers.

You let them win (you’re nice like that). You see each other again. And again. Pretty soon you’re a couple. You grow together. Fall in love. You propose. There’s a crazy golf-themed wedding. You adopt four puppies. The picket fence is painted a lovely white and you owe it all to that first date.

We can’t supply you with any puppies but we can help you with the first date. Book now or regret the decision forever.

Easy Tiger

Caddy Packages

As we all know, crazy golf is the one remaining true pleasure in life but, sometimes, you want more than that.

You want to savour the sights, smells and tastes that a Caddyshackers package can bring. Our packages are filled to the brim with cocktails, draught and bottled beer & craft beer, wine, softs, milkshakes, mocktails, etc.

Click below to drive yourself crazy!


Having a party? Launching a new car? Releasing a new album?

Caddyshackers is also available for photo/fashion shoots, videos, weddings, receptions, etc.

Drop us a line for more info.

Golf & 1 Drink from clubhouse menu
£15/17 +

  • £17 peak (Mon-Sat +5.30pm)
  • £15 off peak (all Sunday and -5.30pm Mon-Sat)

The Classy Putter
£24 +

As if this graffiti-filled, toilet humour-laden, innuendo-spouting crazy golf bar couldn’t get any classier

  • 18 hole crazy golf
  • 2 drinks from the Classy Putter menu

Adult Golf (off peak only)
£12 +

  • Adult golf (off peak only)

2 Adults 1 Child
£27.50 +

  • 2 adults 1 child

2 Adults 2 Children
£35 +

  • 2 adults 2 children

2 Adults 3 Children
£42.50 +

  • 2 adults 3 children

1 Adult 1 Child
£17.50 +

  • 1 adults 1 child

1 Adult 2 Children
£25 +

  • 1 adult 2 children

1 Adult 3 Children
£32.50 +

  • 1 adult 3 children

Drive yourself


Caddyshackers is the biggest, baddest and best 18 hole crazy golf in Leicester

Tired of tedious nights out and are looking for something original to do with your buddies? On a first date and want to have a laugh? You’re coming to the right place!








Golf as crazy as this is very thirsty work. Good job we’ve got a shedload of beer, wine, cocktails, milkshakes, mocktails and soft drinks

Download our drink menu


We golfers don’t know a thing about tenpin bowling but we do share our kitchen with nextdoor neighbour and sister venue, East Street Lanes, our beautiful, 8-lane boutique bowling alley. Unfortunately, due to current Covid-19 lockdown measures, East Street Lanes is closed and so food is unavailable at this time

You can still have a look at our menu and plan your visit for when they reopen

Download the food menu

Find us

By Foot:

- From Granby Street, turn up Calais Hill next to The Barley Mow pub and we are just up the road on the left

By Train:

- On exiting the station, turn right and use the crossing onto Granby Street
- From Granby Street, turn up Calais Hill next to The Barley Mow pub and we are just up the road on the left

By Car:

- Park in the NCP on East Street LE1 6NB (420 spaces) or opposite Caddyshackers’ front door on Calais Hill LE1 6AR. Discounted parking vouchers for the NCP are available from reception at both Caddyshackers and our sister venue East Street Lanes

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us at with any queries but please check here first as the majority of questions asked are answered here

What drinks are available with the Classy Putter and Clubhouse packages?


All cocktails (except The Birdie and The Dogleg), mocktails, spirits and mixer, shooters, wine, softs, milkshakes and draught, canned and bottled beer. Our drinks list can be viewed above

I can’t find a contact number


We operate an online reservation system so don’t have a contact number. If the answer to your query is not here, contact us on Facebook, Instagram or at and we will endeavour to reply within 48 hours

Will I receive a refund if I can’t make my booking?


We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy and if you inform us of your cancellation at outside of that time window, we can issue a refund (subject to a 5% admin charge as stated in our T&Cs). If your booking is within the next 48 hours, we cannot offer a refund but will reschedule your reservation.

I haven’t received an email confirmation


A confirmation email is sent out automatically to every online booking. If you haven’t received this, please check your junk folder and that the email address you gave is correct. Alternatively, send us an email to with the time, date and the name of the booking and we will reissue the confirmation.

Do I need to bring my email confirmation with me?


No. We have all of your booking information at reception.

Can I bring children?


All ages are now welcome but any under 18s must be accompanied by an adult (21+). A maximum of 4 children can be accompanied by 1 adult. Child rates are applicable to 5-17 year olds. The course is not suitable for anybody under 5 to play. Any person under 18 must leave the premises by 7pm. We operate Challenge 21, a government-backed policy to reduce underage drinking. If, in the opinion of the duty manager or security personnel, you are fortunate enough to look under 21 you will be asked for photographic ID (passport, UK driving licence or PASS card)

Are you wheelchair friendly?


Due to the design of the course and the nature of the building (for example, all 3 fire exits involve travelling upstairs), wheelchair access is extremely limited. However, our sister venue next door, East Street Lanes boutique tenpin bowling alley is a new development and has excellent wheelchair accessibility.

Can we visit for drinks without playing golf?


Absolutely. Caddyshackers has a full bar serving beers, cocktails, wines, spirits, softs, mocktails, etc. We also have a variety of arcade games, pool table, ping pong tables, beer pong, boxing game, giant jenga, etc. No pressure to golf at all!

Do I have to book in advance?


Booking is advisable as we cannot always guarantee to accommodate a walk-in party. If we do have room, we’ll get you onto the course ASAP

How long does it take to play a round of golf?


Depending on the party size and how busy we are times can vary from 45 minutes to 60+ with a peak Saturday night averaging at around 80-90 minutes.

Can you accommodate a large party?


Due current to government guidelines regarding Covid-19, we can accept parties up to a maximum of 6 players who are either from the same family or are in a ‘bubble’. Parties of 6 will be split into 2 groups and will walk the course following each other but distanced by at least one hole. Groups of 6 cannot group together with another party at any point whilst inside the venue. There are no exceptions to these rules so If you don’t agree, please don’t visit.

I have a booking but want to add more players, how do I do this?


If you drop us an email to quoting your booking reference number or your booking name and date, we can add more players and send out a payment link.

When should I arrive?


We ask all parties to arrive and check in at reception 15 minutes prior to their booking slot to ensure they have enough time to check in any coats, order drinks from the bar and use any of our facilities.

Failure to arrive on time will result in the next party taking your slot as we cannot delay all later reservations

Can I leave a deposit and pay the rest on the night?


I’m afraid not. We require all advance bookings to be paid for in full

What if we bring an extra player with us on the night?


We could try to accommodate an extra player on the night but this would be dependent on how busy we were and no guarantees are made. We always recommend booking in advance, especially at the weekend.

We missed our booking. Will we get a refund?


We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy and no refunds will be issued within that time window

Some of our group cannot attend. What happens here?


If you inform us at least 48 hours in advance then we will issue a refund (subject to a 5% administration charge as stated in our T&Cs). If you inform us within the 48 hour time window, we can’t issue a refund but will transfer the monies as a bar credit. This cannot be done on arrival so please let us know in advance

Can you reserve tables?


Due to the government’s Covid-19 advice, we do not reserve tables

I would like to speak to somebody about my visit. How do I do this?


We are exceptionally keen to receive your feedback. Please email us at and let us know how you got on. Receiving your comments can only help us improve the customer experience so get typing!

Do we need to wear masks on arrival or around the course?


This is entirely your decision but it is not compulsory

I’ve heard that the venue is extremely busy. How do we socially distance?


We have greatly reduced the numbers of guests allowed on the premises and there are lanes and no-standing areas painted on the floors to assist with social distancing. We have made every effort to ensure that the venue is safe for both customers and staff

Do you accept both cash and payment cards?


Please remember to bring your card as Caddyshackers is a cash-free venue

I’m a student and can’t seem to be able to book online?


To benefit from student discount (50% off golf from Sunday morning till Wednesday night) you must produce valid student ID at reception so you cannot book online. Just turn up and we’ll get you onto the course in the first available slot

Why do kids have to leave by 7pm?


There is a legal condition on our Premises Licence that stipulates ‘any individual under the age of 18 years must not be on the licenced premises after 19:00 hours’

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Time for the small stuff
Terms & Conditions

On Fridays and Saturdays, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tee off time

We operate a smart/casual dress code

After 7pm, we are a strictly over-18s venue, hence family reservations cannot tee off after 5.15pm

A round of 18 holes takes approximately 60 minutes but, at peak times, may take longer. There is a 6 shot maximum on each hole. Please adhere to this rule in order to prevent queues forming behind you

Due to the nature of the building, we regret that Caddyshackers is not suitable for wheelchairs

Doorstaff and management reserve the right to refuse admission to any party that they feel, due to intoxication, may disturb the enjoyment of other parties. No refunds will be issued

We strictly operate the Challenge 21 policy, a government-backed initiative to reduce under-age drinking. If you or any of your guests are fortunate enough to look under 21, they will be asked for appropriate ID (either a passport, UK driving license or PASS card)

Be advised that we only accept card payments inside the venue and will not accept cash

Whilst we don’t request that masks are worn inside Caddyshackers, we do ask that all guests adhere to current guidelines on social distancing


We will offer a refund or reschedule a reservation on the condition that we are made aware of a cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the tee off time

All refunds incur an administration charge of 5%

If you are asked to leave the venue, no refund will be issued

Refunds will take approximately 5 days to appear in your bank

Festive opening times

Christmas Eve 12pm - 6pm
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day 12pm - 12am
New Year's Eve 12pm - 12am
New Year's Day Closed

*Usual opening hours for all other days in between